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iSunnao Magnetic Car Mount 360° Rotation Air Vent Mount

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iSunnao Magnetic 360° Rotation Air Vent Car Mount is great car mount for smartphones and GPS devices.
The strong magnet hold your devices securely while driving. The slim design with 360° rotation clips to any air vent and give you the ability to adjust your angle easily.

It comes with two metal plates.

- Rectangle Metal Plate with Charpie Protection
- Round Metal Plate with Gel Pad

To install using Rectangle Metal Plate

- Put the metal plate between your phone and phone case . Charpie face to the back of your phone
- Attach your phone to the magnetic mount

To install using Round Metal Plate

- Peel off the transparent protective film from round metal plate
- Stick the metal plate with gel pad on the back of the phone at center position
- Snap the round metal plate on the magnetic mount