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Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Integrated Design Detachable Tripod for Smartphone

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The product body adopts an integrated slidable telescopic retractable display with a tripod and remote control for the body to separate design. The angle is adjustable and the field of view is wider.

Wireless connection, use mobile phone Bluetooth remote control to take pictures, so that beautiful, emotional animation will not be missing you. The environmental plastic material body, the overall appearance is exquisite, simple, compact, and exquisite, only weighs 125g, easy to carry.

Double card slot anti-rotation aluminum alloy tie rod design, safe and stylish. High-quality non-slip silicone pad to protect your love machine. The body is designed with 7 aluminum rods. The shortest can be photographed at 180mm, and the longest 650mm long distance allows you to discover the beauty of different angles.

All In One Integrated Bluetooth Selfie Stick

One Piece Integrated Retractable Structure

Removable Bluetooth Remote Control

Detachable And Flexible Tripod


Bluetooth Version V3.0
Selfie Stick 28.5x34x166mm
Tripod 220x197x35mm
Selfie Stick 100g
Tripod 55g
Stretched Length 166~665mm
Battery Capacity 40mAh CR1220 Button Battery
Remote Battery Life 8,000+ Consecutive Photos
Compatibility Mobile Phones with Android5.0+ or iOS7.0+ System
Manufacturer Warranty One Year